Sustainability – No Risk

Twenty-six years ago, our processes were quite linear, which meant that materials were brought into the factory, footwear was made and shipped, and the waste was discarded. And then, more new material was brought in to make new footwear.

However, No Risk is now making its business model more circular. This means that we are now using our excess to create new shoes or incorporate it into making other products.

No Risk is also looking at new techniques to reuse the generated waste. We are installing an innovative recycled material injection technology, in partnership with Desma.

We strive to develop outcomes that create an impact that matters for our clients, like the reduction of CO2 emissions, with the reintegration of waste and use of photovoltaic energy produced on site.

But there's nothing more sustainable than the inclusion of cork (Clima Cork System) in our profashional footwear or producing it from plastic bottles.

On the one hand, Clima Cork System doesn’t represent a consumption of natural resources, but, on the contrary, a gift of life, both to cork oaks and to the feet of users of our profashionable footwear

On the other hand, today’s profashionable footwear could have been the plastic bottle you drank from yesterday!

Our production is certified in accredited national and international laboratories (CTCP, Satra, PFI, Umana, IBV) and our Quality Management System complies with the requirements of the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

We also have a wide range of designs with certification Oeko Tex, vegan friendly, which guarantees the absolute absence of harmful substances, both for the user and for the environment.

With a green production, No Risk introduces a new era of professional footwear - the PROFASHION concept - which keeps users safe in the workplace although still comfortable and stylish out on the town.